Saw Smithing – a beginner’s guide

Saw smithing is hammering a saw plate to get it straight and also stiff.  I found it hard to understand why hammering the middle of a saw plate could make that saw stiff, and why that matters.  I am delighted to have met Bully of Atkinson Walker who will lead the smithing classes on July 27th 2018 at 9:00 or 10:30.  After my sessions with Bully I now understand the theory about straightening any saw with a twist or a curve.

In 3 words: hit the hump.  Find where any curve or twist is and set that curve uppermost on your anvil. Then whack it.

Reading my comments won’t help much nearly as much as having a go with ANY hammer you happen to have on some scrap sheet metal or an old junker saw.

Wonderfully, Bully demonstrated that just looking along the saw against a dark background is enough to show where the lumps are.