prepaid file packages for delivery at Sawfest – order by 23:59 hours 19 July

For files pre-ordered by midnight 19 July, I offer these VERY good prices for files at Sawfest 2018:

  1. For saws 30 inches and longer: £36 for 6 different files. This excludes the  10” crosscut file which many of you have already  from me.
  2. For panel and tenon saws under 30 inches: £19 for 5 different files
  3. For all saw lengths: £50 for 10 different files. => best value by far ☺


Some files may be available at Sawfest, but not close to these prices. And I may well run out. So please pre-order.

Frankly, I suggest you click on option 3. above. You won’t be disappointed.

There’s no fancy website, no wonderful images – just cracking good value


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