Taper Grinding at Sawfest

I visited a grinder in Sheffield to explore taper grinding of long saws. Below you’ll see him freehanding an  unsupported junker blade over the stone.

Whilst his stone is smaller diameter than those shown in old drawings it did work quickly.  It sure works as a way to clean up old saws of rust and test out your taper-ideas.  Old saws are cheap and plentiful – what’s not to like about giving  some to Brian to have a go with?  We will visit his workshop Friday 27 July.

If we were to fix the blade to a ‘scorching board’ it will be more controllable.  I am back to visit him again next week and I will take saws fixed to such ‘scorching board’ planks.

To book your place at Sawfest Sheffield – and there are only 25 left at time of writing – go here.

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