Old and New Saws Compared – which would you prefer?

Here are 2 Great American saws. They are both 36 inches long. One is shiny and new out of the box. The other is second-hand and sharpened by me.

Brand-new Saw
Brand-new Saw
Refurbished saw
Refurbished saw


To cut a disc from this log the two videos show elapsed times of 3 minutes with new saw and under 2 minutes with old saw.

New saw: 3 minutes exactly


Old Saw: 1 minute 50 seconds

The new saw took more than one minute longer.

If you do watch the video, you’ll hear how out of breath I am with the new saw.

Sawing need not be this hard. It is surprisingly easy to fettle most saws to run sweetly given the right tools and instruction. Alternatively I can sharpen yours but do please send pictures first to gavin@shedtherapy.com

Sawfest, Sheffield July 27-29, 2018

Because I want hand-saws in wider use and your sawing to be easy, happy and relaxed I organise Sawfest in Sheffield, England from Fri 27 July to Sun 29 July. Bring ANY rusty, bent and blunt saws and go home with saw-knowledge ready to use – and with usable saws. If you are interested and will spend £80 to attend, I suggest you “Buy Tickets” at top right  because I limit this to just 25 people.

BTW: Sawfest is for ALL human-powered saws: small , medium and monster-long.

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