Ian Bullivant

Ian was apprenticed as a saw smith at Spear and Jackson in 1974. He’s hammered saws ever since. He’s a bit deaf.  He’ll show you how to make your saw not only straight but also stiff.

Chris Walker

Chris is a retired saw-factory owner who’ll talk about saw-smithing theory.

Brian Alcock

The grinder Brian Alcock will grind and profile your saw-hammers & demonstrate taper-grinding. He’s the last self-employed grinder in Sheffield.


Slava Rode

Slava from Greyhound Toolworks makes custom saws and delightful  handles. He will be showing how he makes saw handles as well as saw sharpening technique.

Barry Bate

Barry is a retired woodwork teacher and ran the small saw classes at Bodgers Ball 2018.

Barbara Czoch

Barbara is a pit-sawing fiend and may team up with Joe Thompson of Weald and Downland Museum to share trestle and see-sawing with you.